Lure Lightning Installation is Easy
Just Watch!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1:
Remove the gimbal knob securing your assembly to its mounting bracket. Put away for safe keeping.

Step 2:
Replace the knob with Lure Lightning by simply screwing it in. Careful not to over-tighten.

Step 3:
The two wires then clip on the battery posts of any 12V battery. Wire polarity is universal for the light but not for your fishing electronics! The draw from the battery is minimal because illumination takes only a second or two.

Step 4:
Activate with your foot or hand. Then hang your glow jig or lure directly in front of the light, about two or three inches away. Spin the lure slowly to get full effect.

Step 5:
It only takes one to two seconds to illuminate your lure. The glow will last a long time, but be sure to recharge your jig or lure when you see the glow fade.


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*Do not disassemble your Lure Lightning. This will void your warranty.
If you have problems, please contact us.